Blazey: Nothing To Lose

Artist Blazey

Words Christian Ruess

BLAZEY’s musical journey is a testament to his commitment to growth and development as an artist. With his latest single “Nothing To Lose”, he introduces his queer anthem that was born out of personal struggles and triumphs. And we are loving this soooooong. In his own words, BLAZEY reflects on the challenges he’s faced, from heartbreak to unexpected changes, noting that through it all, he’s found strength in the realization that he has nothing to lose but himself.

As “Nothing To Lose” dances its way into our heads, BLAZEY’s message resonates: Authenticity is our greatest asset, and when we embrace our truth, we find liberation. Through his music, he invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. So let’s live and dance like we have nothing to lose.

“But through all these difficulties, I realized that at the end of the day, I truly have nothing to lose but myself.”

Artist Blazey, Directed by Ivan Boljat, Direction of Photography Daniel Helgert, AC Arthur Wiechmann, 2nd AC Benito Schutze, 1st AD Mar Cantarellas Calvó, Creative Production Blazey Production, Assistance Mitch Bruce, Gaffering Karl-Ludwig Reuter, Best Boy Valentin Harnisch, Set Design Pascal Hubrich, Styling Esteban Pomar, Styling Assistant Anton Hargesheimer, Hair & Make Up Marvin Glissmann, H&M Assistant Sarah Fischer, Choreography Shayne Stubbs, Dancers Chachrit Dudde, Nico Hoffmann, Samuel Essien, Enis Spahija, Edition & Grading Ivan Boljat, Pictures Milena Zara