A Love Worth Fighting For

Artist Andreas Knaub, Ben Galster, Christian Ruess

Words Tom Czibolya

As one of our dearest projects, Love Has No Label has become a series that just keeps on giving. Produced entirely in-house, the series was able to expand and reach people through very different mediums. After the premiere of our films, we are beyond happy to finally present the complete Love Has No Label editorial, shot by our very own Christian Ruess.

It’s no secret that Container Love has close ties with the world of fashion, so when our exclusive series Love Has No Label was in production we wanted to create a separate editorial to show our role models yet from a different perspective.

Produced entirely in-house, Love Has No Label premiered in the fall of 2021 together with a grand exhibition featuring the pictures from the editorial of the same title. Now that our film has been on the program of various festivals around the world, it makes us very proud and very happy to be able to share the full editorial of Love Has No Label with you.

Love Has No Label was supposed to be a declaration of love without prejudice and without labels. The series tells the stories of four wonderful individuals who have a history of going against people’s expectations and doing everything in order to find happiness. As our own Christian Ruess took the photos of Kate, Chiderah, Isaak and Shane, we knew something magical was about to happen.

When the idea of Love Has No Label was born, we wanted to challenge stereotypes to stop people putting others in boxes. And the best way to do this was by showing what real diversity looks like. It’s important to not to forget why we are doing all this, what we want to achieve. At our House of Love, our mission is to inspire people to break free and step into the light. Because it doesn’t matter where you came from, what you believe in or who you love – every human being deserves to feel visible, equal and accepted.