Charissa Chioccarelli: Nailing It

An all around talent, Charissa Chioccarelli of Isla Berlin was simply wonderful to work with when shooting her #ContainerTalks episode. Founder of the nail salon and creative collective Isla, Charissa has found her balance between business, self-expression and family, leading a busy and colourful life in Berlin. Join us exploring a new generation of role models with our #ContainerTalks series!

Mother, nail artist extraordinaire and genuine sweetheart, Charissa is going far!


Charissa wears coat by DAMUR, shirt and nails by ISLA.

Charissa wears vest and pants by Don Aretino, shirt and nails by ISLA.

“I think my mom did a really good job teaching me what female empowerment is, I never felt like she treated me differently than any of my brothers. With my son, I try to shy away from gender norms even more.

Charissa wears vest by Don Aretino, coat by DAMUR, shirt and nails by ISLA.

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