Hannes Hirsch: Drifter

Artist Hannes Hirsch

Moritz arrives in Berlin with no particular plans. He might study art history, but there is no rush, he is only 22. He has moved here to be with his boyfriend Jonas, an attractive photographer who is a little more accustomed to the easy-going, noncommittal ways of the city. But then their relationship suddenly comes to an end. Devastated and alone, Moritz becomes a seeker. His first foray takes him to a gym. Little by little his fashion, his friends and his drugs start to change. His life becomes more and more nocturnal, and he begins to live out his repressed desires.

With a documentary-like sensibility, Hannes Hirsch’s feature-length debut sensitively depicts a new start in Berlin’s gay scene. Body images and notions of masculinity are constantly being negotiated, sexual constellations and identities are changing, and insecurities are sedated with the intoxicating rush of the next encounter. But Moritz’s vulnerability is always discernible. In this way, Drifter looks beneath the seductive surface of a night culture that knows no bounds and its short-lived games, revealing the actual people rather than celebrating the cliché.


Director Hannes Hirsch
Co-Written by River Matzke
Cinematography Eli Börnicke
Editing Elena Weihe
Music Elie Gregory
Sound Design Ilya Selikhov, Sum-Sum Shen
Sound Moritz Zuchantke
Production Design Fia Bartesch, Lasha Rostobaia
Costumes Edgar Mauser, Janina Kaßan, Nina Zimmermann
Make-Up Lone Anders, Evin Yeyrek
Assistant Directors Laura Schinzel, Drew Lint
Production Manager Ayla Sophia Franken
Producers Diemo Kemmesies, Hannes Hirsch
Co-Producers Jost Hering, Björn Koll
Co-Production Jost Hering Filme, Salzgeber