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Visible Love

Container Love’s international exhibition series celebrating diversity and love by showcasing images of acclaimed queer photographers and interviews with activists and taste-makers, making love visible to everyone.

Photo Rob Tennent

Visible Love

Christian Ruess Of Container Love: Freedom Means No Fear

Knowledge means less fear and no fear means freedom – in a super special in-house interview, we asked Container Love’s Founder and Creative Director Christian Ruess about why most brands are misinterpreting diversity as a one-trick pony, the story behind our international #VisibleLove exhibition series and how finding the right partners at H&M could turn our simple idea into a global movement.

Visible Love

Visible Dinner: An Open Dialogue

Conversation is everything. Our aim with the #VisibleLove exhibition is to encourage people to take that first step toward each other, not only to speak, but to listen, to get the dialogue going.

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