Bran Sólo: I Paint To Never Die

Artist Bran Sólo

Words Tom Czibolya

Born in Abarán, Murcia (Spain), Bran Sólo defines himself as a “Good person, painter, illustrator, designer and photographer, as well as many other things I never wanted to be”. In 2012 he decided to abandon his work as a computer scientist and lifestyle to devote himself fully to drawing and enrolled in the Murcia School of Art, leaving behind family, couple and home and moving into a studio in the city of Murcia on his own.

It is at the same school that he discovers that an eye condition of unknown origin conditions his perception from childhood. A macular lesion (choroiditis), formed by scars in the central area of the retina, distorts images in a way that he describes as “kaleidoscopic“, multiplying images with high contrast or luminosity. In this way, he discovers that he cannot safely find the line that separates a white plane from a black one, confuses volume with emptiness, positive with negative, and, except in specific lighting circumstances, he perceives all objects multiplied by up to eight or ten copies. This condition, which forces the brain to interpret reality very subjectively, gives it a “unique vision“, which he maintains with humour “is the most important quality an artist should have“.