Samuel Cimma: Ktema Es Aiei

Artist Samuel Cimma

Words Tom Czibolya

Samuel Cimma, the photographer of souls, as he describes himself on Instagram, is back with a new book. Perfect timing, we say. As Christmas is coming up, it’s just the right time to share some pleasure with you. Ktema Es Aiei – the title is inspired by a Greek locution by Thucydides which means “possession for ever” – contains more than 100 pictures on 70 pages. That means 70 pages full of youth, sweetness and love. What a wonderful Christmas…

Samuel’s book gives us a little glimpse into the lives of others – a short moment that is gone before it has even begun. Well, so it’s good that you can simply turn the page to look into the next moment. Isn’t that exactly what we all need right now? A look through the keyhole into locked safe rooms, into things we might discover… By the way, is curiosity a sin? We do not know, but we like to sin.