Richard Stabbert: Let Me Be Your Canvas

Artist Richard Stabbert

Words Christian Ruess

We’re in love with the paintings of Richard Stabbert. His artwork has such titles as “September’s Leaving” “Here With You” or “Embrace” and captures scenes full of togetherness, romance, longing and love.

“As I begin a painting, it as if I fall in love anew. Every brushstroke can shake me with despair or raise me in triumph. I look to the canvas like the face of a lover, embracing the flaws and in awe of the beauty wondering what the future may hold. Some people think that my work is about youth but I don’t perceive it that way. For me it’s a timelessness of who we are as gay men, breaking down a façade and revealing ourselves. A chance to be vulnerable, an agelessness that resides in all of us. The beauty of men in all forms. That’s what I hope my work leaves the viewer with.” We love.