Zeno Spyropoulos: Young And Renegade

Artist Zeno Spyropoulos

Words Tom Czibolya

We’re in love with the work of Zeno Spyropoulos, a Berlin-based photographer, who has just published his first photography book, Young And Renegade. We asked him about his work and his inspiration. Here’s his answer.

“Using an analogue point-and-shoot camera, I flits between my subjects with an unobtrusive lens, capturing spontaneous instances of tenderness, ecstasy or calm. Showing raw moments of intimacy, and creative or sexual expression as they naturally occur, pictures that normalise a culture of sexual and bodily freedom, regardless of sexuality and background. While extremes and subcultures have always inspired me and been heavily featured throughout my work, with visiting Berlin and conceptualising the idea of the book it was the fine print of this subculture that drew me. The subtle touch, the warm embrace and an environment that has more layers than the surface might portray initially. While it is not my intention to highlight or hide certain aspects of it, it is my story and experience of my first year living in Berlin and submerging myself in the cultural freedom that the city can offer without focussing on a few and ignoring other aspects of it.”