Container Love


Read Container Love’s manifesto and discover our core values, our intersectional message and what we hold dear.

Photo Christian Ruess


Container Love was brought to life over a decade ago because we wanted to make a statement. Society left us no choice but to find a way to protest the collective stigmatization of anyone who doesn’t follow the norms. Ever since we’ve been bringing queerness and beautiful diversity in all shapes and colors into people’s lives, popping comfort bubbles along the way. We do what we do knowing that it doesn’t matter where you came from, what you believe in or who you love, every human being deserves to feel visible, equal and accepted.


Good intentions worth nothing when combined with brute force. In a world where exclusion, hate and violence are on the rise, the change that we wish to see can only be achieved through enlightenment, the spreading of information, the spreading of love. This is why education has been and will always be one of the driving forces behind Container Love. The magazine, the platform and the movement. We are telling stories that need to be heard, giving a face to the invisible and a voice to the silenced. Together we are learning to listen.


Art has been and remains our universal language unifying people all over the world as well as our weapon of choice in our fight for visibility. Our mission is to show and share the beauty that lies within the new and unusual, giving a platform to artists and creators, lovers in and around fashion who dare to think differently and shine a light on their creative processes. It’s a wonderful world out there and art is what keeps it spinning.

Love is diversity. Our House of Love is home to everyone searching, finding and sharing love.
Love is respect. For the next person and for yourself. Know your worth. And give others their chances.
Love is love. A mystery. And the one thing we all need. Learn it.

Love is transformation.
Love is forgiveness.
Love is the hard way.
Love is letting be.
Love is standing up for each other.
Love is asking the right questions.
Love is kissing the mirror.
Love is confrontation.
Love is being loud and proud.
Love is turning tables.
Love is a new era.
Love is unconditional.
Love is playing the system.
Love is wearing whatever I want to.
Love is bending genders.
Love is my bedtime story.
Love is what makes you unstoppable.
Love is what makes you hot.
Love is what makes you fearless.
Love is what makes you gorgeous.
Love is what makes you the cool kid.
Love is what makes you moan.
Love is what makes your mom proud.
Love has no label.
Love has no gender.
Love has no fear.
Love has no regrets.
Love has no borders.