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There Are Bigger Problems In The World Than Two People Holding Hands


Holding hands in the street is not the same for a hetero couple than a queer one. We live in times where the LGBTQIA+ community has improved in rights and representation, but still way behind from a world that we all feel safe, even in the commonality of going out in the streets and loving publicly. Read our new opinion piece by Javier Zamora-Kalazich.

Top Surgery: More Than A Body


An intimate reflection of the post thoughts of a top surgery in the words of Drew Lor. Through his journey introduces questions and perspectives upon inhabiting our own bodies. From the discomfort to the shame, the inherited cultural expectations, and the navigation of finding your 'mobile-home' more truth and closer to yourself.

“I Want To Make People Feel Beautiful Whenever They’re Around Me.”

We all grow up in a system of stereotypes, we all grow up believing that people are supposed to put other people in boxes – that’s how society works. We ain’t making the rules. But do we realize what this system does to us? No one can win with a losing hand.


Christian Ruess Of Container Love: Freedom Means No Fear

Visible Love | Exhibition|

Knowledge means less fear and no fear means freedom – in a super special in-house interview, we asked Container Love’s Founder and Creative Director Christian Ruess about why most brands are misinterpreting diversity as a one-trick pony, the story behind our international #VisibleLove exhibition series and how finding the right partners at H&M could turn our simple idea into a global movement.

PNPPL: Good To See You Again, Beautiful

Photography | Books|

Pineapple rolls out its 7th issue, a wonderfully curated zine featuring the artworks of 14 of the planet’s most amazing gay artists. Have a sneak peek with us into another masterpiece by one of our favorite publishers and get ready to enter a world of bold beauty.


Kust. X Lovem: A Skin To Skin Story

Love Brands|

With an unexpected twist, premium underwear #LoveBrand kust. surprised us with the launch of their new line of skincare products in collaboration with skincare pioneer Lovem on a four-phase sustainable selfcare routine which aims to transform the traditional approach to men’s health & beauty.

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