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Container Talks

Finding Hope In New Role Models

A new generation of role models has grown up in an era of great societal changes and they are more colorful, more open-minded and – in a sense – more free than anyone who came before them. With our brand new editorial series, Container Talks, Container Love is now set to make their voices heard.

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Visible Love | Rob Tennent

Not Waiting For A Miracle

One of Australia’s hottest queer exports and a key artist to our Visible Love exhibition series, Rob Tennent is a photographer with an unique view on the world. We sat down with Rob to talk about how his dad came around to accept him for who he is, why he thinks that cisgay men have had their time and why it’s their turn now to use their hard-earned privileges to put the focus on trans and non-binary people.

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Christian Ruess Of Container Love: Freedom Means No Fear

Visible Love | Exhibition|

Knowledge means less fear and no fear means freedom – in a super special in-house interview, we asked Container Love’s Founder and Creative Director Christian Ruess about why most brands are misinterpreting diversity as a one-trick pony, the story behind our international #VisibleLove exhibition series and how finding the right partners at H&M could turn our simple idea into a global movement.

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We See You

Container Love supporting Insight Ukraine, hosting a specially curated print sale to help Ukrainian LGBTQ+ refugees in the ongoing crisis. From March 29 to April 29, selected artworks by international artists can be purchased from our special gallery to support the victims of the war.

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Visible Love Exhibition

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African Icons | Elliott Verdier

The Will To Live

Elliott Verdier is an award winning photographer from Paris whose new book Reaching for Dawn has left many speechless. And did so for a reason. Elliott’s pictures introduce us to people that are desperate for hope in the shadow of the country’s 14 years of bloody and mercyless civil war.

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Lovesick | Maximilian Mouson

Sickly Seeking

In being lovesick lies the feeling of longing. Many believe for the condition to occur only after the end of a significant relationship or while being unhappily in love. Some may think of it as something to be overcome, to be a temporary effect of a road left abandoned. The longing that lies in lovesickness, however, can be present even during a time in which we lie close to someone in bed on a hazy summer night.

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Narcissism | Zeno Spyropoulos

Normalising Realness

“I photograph the unposed, the raw. Flaws and all. All walks of life’’ – photographer Zeno Spyropoulos catches the sacred moments of intimacy like no one else does. In conversation with the Berlin-based photographer, he told us about his recently released photobook, the thin red line between seeking love and seeking acceptance and why we are hiding from reality on both sides of the camera.

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Safe Space | Birk Thomassen

Beyond The Camera

“Inviting – not excluding.” When we asked photographer Birk Thomassen for his definition of Safe Space, this was his answer. While typing up Birk’s interview and curating the images of his new series CORNUCOPIA, “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette is playing on the radio. It looks like INVITING is the keyword of our little introduction this time.

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Chosen Family | Yan Yufeng

Boy Comfort Zoom

In his ongoing long-term project BOY COMFORT ZOOM, observing and exploring modern masculinity, Yan Yufeng portraits boys and men from all over the world in places familiar to them – the models themselves pick the location for the shoot. The resulting pictures have an air of relaxation and a snapshot aesthetic about them that gives a glimpse into the models personal backgrounds.

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Summer Of Love | Asaf Einy

Summer Holiday

Asaf Einy is a photographer and video artist based in Tel-aviv. We invited him to celebrate our Summer of Love with us. Absolutely perfect for the times when not everyone has the chance to just get on the plane and fly to the beach. Asaf’s pictures feel like summer holiday – being around with friends and family, watching strangers passing by.

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Visible Love Exhibition

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