Our cooperation with Hamburg based art and music festival MS Dockville celebrated its third year in August 2016. Between harbor and dykes we hacked their container to focus the human lens on body, love and equality. After the terrible lethal attack of Orlando’s Pulse Club we were deeply shocked that summer. And we are still. Our first thought was to just fucking do something. And we quickly found a solution. For us a festival like MS Dockville is more than music, party or art. It can take a stand. I can remember the origins of the summer of love: love not hate. Love not violence. We wanted to show the beauty of love to all guests and asked photographers from around the globe to create a refuge of art and love. That summer we paid homage to love, to people, to lovers and those who fight.

EXHIBITION | André Carlos · Paul Peter · Sven Serkis · Ruslan Isinev · Karolina Hanulak · Daria Nelson · Ohlalagirls · Anton Shebetko · Birk Thomassen · Kostis Fokas · Scott Ramsay Kyle · Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

MUSIC | Alexander Getan · Gwen Wayne · The Jujujus · Soso & Rere · Soukie & Windish

PERFORMANCE | Cointreau on Ice

Photography @Vierfotografen, @Timo Sommer, @Sabrina Rynas