Summer 2015 at MS Dockville. The concept for the Container Love exhibtion that year was quite easy: Let’s bring art and drinks together. So we invited several photographer and illustrator to bring their art all over our container walls and bars. Photographers and artists were Sabrina Rynas, Christian Ruess, Loreen Hinz, Schall & Schnabel, Sven Serkis, Niklas Förster, Katrin Schöning, Katja Ruge, Lars Gay, Carina Crenshaw and Victor Mateos Arellano. The exhibtion were seen by thoundands guest by the helping hands of the cuties Malte Thomsen and Lotta Doll.

Around the bars the air was full of love. We need to show you a few more impressions made by Hamburg based photographers Vierfotografen, Sabrina Rynas and Christine Krawall.

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